Birthday Fun!

Friday, October 30, 2009

Well I am about a week late on this post but I thought I should still recount my birthday story.

Last Monday, I had a ton of homework to do and requested a full night of library studying from Jason. We had already decided we would celebrate my birthday on Tuesday and on Friday. I had a lot of homework to do. He kept insisting that we leave at ten and I was frankly, kind of irritated at him. But we left the library and we promised Molly we would stop by to get my birthday present! So we show up and SURPRISE a party for me! It was complete with all my best friends, Texas sheet cake (thanks Jess) and Shirley temples :) Molly got Jason and I the 5th season of Grey's Anatomy and we were very excited!! It was wonderful to see everyone!

Then on my actual birthday, I had work and school but it was still a great day. . . While I was at work, I received some beautiful flowers from my wonderful hubby.

On the way home we had to stop at the grocery store ( I wasn't supposed to be there but it turned out that way) and Jason picked up my beautiful cookie cake! Then Jason and I spent the afternoon at home (probably the first of the semester) and even took a nap, yes that was one of the greatest parts of the day.

Then we woke up and went to get some dinner, Stumpy burger (my favorite burger) and sweet potato fries from Guru's (another favorite). Then after dinner Jason gave me all my presents. He got me 3 gorgeous handmade headbands that he picked out from one of his friends who makes them. He also gave me a gift certificate to Tai Pan Trading Company since we went there a couple of weeks ago and I was ecstatic at the thought of exploring that store further.

I also got to open all my cards from my aunts, Dad and Carol, and Jedd and Karen and lets just say I get to go shopping soon! YaY!

Mom and Don came on Thursday night and we went to Gloria's Italian Restaurant in Provo and had some yummy Italian food. We had the most beautiful delicious desserts and mom even brought cute 22 candles from Harmons. We celebrated with them the Sunday before all of our birthdays since we are all Octobers. Mom gave Jason and I matching water bottles and I got a cute Longaberger Halloween bowl. Jason got The Lost Symbol which he has been dying to read. And mom made some yummy pumpkin bars that I have requested for Christmas as well.

Jason also took me to Homecoming Spectacular on campus on Friday night for my birthday. I love cultural things and this had history, music, and dancing and was really nice. Then we watched our new Transformers 2 Blu-Ray and it was fab.

All in all my birthday (week) was perfect! Great friends, food, and family. Jason did an excellent job and all expectations were met and exceeded. If only I had done so well for him! Next year I promise I will do better ;)


  1. Glad you had fun celebrating your birthday! 22 is a good age to be. JT

  2. yea to tai pan. the bestest store ever.