Chez Kason

Monday, August 31, 2009

So I promised Mom I would put this up a while ago but failed to do so. I guess now the only people that will benefit from this post is Erin and Chris as everybody else has seen the Kason family apartment but I'll put it up anyways. Enjoy.

So there were a few things we liked about this apartment. First, it has its own dining room. kasee's parents gave us a spare kitchen table they had and with a few cheap decorations from Ross and left over wedding stuff gave us a very nice looking dining room (for some reason the pictures make it look ghetto but it the apartment does look kinda nice).

Next is the living room. Well since we were engaged for about 8 months we were able to take our time finding furniture. On Craig's List we found this couch and its matching love seat for beyond cheap. Add in a Cami and Michael inspired ottoman purchased with generous gift card money and we have a nice place to put our feet up.

And yes, I did buy a very large TV. Despite what you think I did not cost nearly as much as you might thing it did. I was doing a competitive analysis during my internship this summer and stumbled upon it while at target. It was the best part about my internship.

Our cute little apartment does have two bedrooms. We decided to use it as an office and hopefully spend our nights in there studying instead of in the basement of the library. gift cards bought us desks and my work contributed a nice mac and my office chair. We are pretty happy with it. Kasee has her own desk that is not pictured. We call it the travel room as kasee has decor from spain and pictures of her travels and I have some mission stuff up. We also started a tradition to bring something back from each place we visit and these things are displayed here.

And that leaves the bedroom. We were very blessed and were given a gift from Kasee's uncle to purchase a bed. We found pretty sweet lamps at BB&B that were covered with gift card money. It's not pictured but on the other wall we have a dresser that mom and dad gave us. I repainted it black and it looks great.

So this is the new place. I hope everyone can stop by often!


  1. looks like the place is coming together really well. don't forget to study. hee hee

  2. cute! i love your decorations. oh and your stove looks like it'll be an adventure as well... ;)

  3. I've got you in my Google Reader now. You post it, I'll be all over it. Welcome to the blogosphere.

  4. Looks like a great place! The first apartment is always fun!